About us

Part of a national network we try to ensure by feeding in the experiences and needs of Kingston parents and carers who have children with additional needs and disabilities, better, more relevant and responsive services will follow. As local SEND parents ourselves we bring a wealth of different experiences of helping our own children and young people through life.

We are a newly formed volunteer team who currently have nine members on our Steering Committee

A supportive group, offering information, running events and giving parent/carers opportunities to have a say and get involved in improving local services.

Our policies

Diversity & Inclusion

Kingston Parent Carer Forum (KPCF) is committed to an ethos of diversity and inclusion. We endeavour to be the voice for all our families. Including those from an ethnic minority background, so that we can capture and address your issues and challenges in getting the right support for your children. Research shows that local community…

Our Constitution

This is our constitution which describes how we are governed and how we go about our work representing local families

Advice & Support

We do not formally give advice, but have collected a range of information and links to help local families on a range of issues

Meet the team

Beverley Pass

Bev is a single mum to a lively young man called Tommy who is six and diagnosed with Autism, Avoidant restrictive food intake disorder and sensory processing disorder. He currently attends a specialist resource provision unit within a mainstream school and is doing really well in his learning with their support.

As a charity CEO and chair in the past Bev is professionally used to navigating the complex world of statutory service delivery, she is also a subject matter expert in equality diversity and inclusion with a deep personal drive for achieving fairness and parity in society.

Rosy Farzana Ahmad

Rosy is a mother to four children, three of whom have SEND requirements.  She has two teenage boys on the ASD spectrum (Asperger) and a daughter with Down Syndrome, all of her children attend mainstream schools.  

Rosy has a particular interest in raising SEND awareness and participation from the Black, Asian, Minority and Ethnic (BAME) communities.  She has been involved in outreach and organising events as a volunteer among a network of Asian parents with SEND children for the past two years.  Rosy recently graduated from The Open University as a mature student with a BA in International Development.

Christine Flowers

This is Christine, mum to two boys who are 9 and 4.

Christine’s particular interest is working to improve provision for those children receiving SEN support within the borough. Christine is passionate about raising awareness and improving the SEND provision for those children who have not met the criteria for Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) and to make sure all SEND children receive the support they need. 

Christine is very keen to improve housing services for local SEND families and to reduce the negative impact the long and arduous housing process can have on children and their families.

Noreen Ahmad

Noreen is a mother of three children; her eldest son has autism and is epileptic.

Noreen has always emphasised the importance of accessing early intervention and therapy and believes that transferring her son to a special school has helped her son progress immensely. 

Her son’s diagnosis inspired her to achieve a postgraduate Award in Autism from Sheffield Hallam University. 

Noreen is always motivated to support SEND families and carers in navigating the process of accessing services.

Kelly Harrison

Kelly is mum to two children; her youngest Vinnie has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1, a progressive neuromuscular condition. 

Kelly is trustee of TreatSMA, a charity formed in 2017 to advocate for treatments and standards of care for SMA. 

Kelly has an interest in social housing within the borough after being locked in a battle with Kingston council to provide safe  and suitable housing for Vinnie.

Claudia Isaby

Claudia is mother to an 8-year-old boy on the autistic spectrum with sensory processing disorder and dyspraxia. Receiving early interventions and ongoing support within a mainstream classroom have made a significant impact on his development. She is driven to ensure that these services can be available for all those in need of them as they have already made such a difference to his young life. At times applying for support has been very challenging and her hopes in joining the parent/carer forum are to help improve the process and make it accessible and less daunting for anyone who needs it. Working as an administrator for a speech and language therapy team, she hopes that her experience of a wide range of needs and disabilities in children and young people can be helpful in her work on the forum.

Rob Harris

Rob is dad to an amazing young boy, who has been diagnosed with autism and learning difficulties. His son attends a specialist social communication unit within a mainstream school and has an EHCP.

Rob runs a games design agency after many years working in the film and TV industry. He joined KPCF to add his family’s voice to help Kingston Council provide a better service for children with special needs and their families.


How can I get involved with the PCF?

We currently have space on our steering committee and welcome any parent/carer who.is interested in supporting the aims of the organisation to work with local services to improve the lives of children and young people. Membership is open to all family members and carers of a child or young person under 25, residing in Kingston or receiving services in the area. If you are interested, you can stay in touch with our work…

Do you hold events?

We are currently providing online services for example relaxation sessions and legal seminars. Make sure you are signed up…and Facebook to hear news of our upcoming events.

Can you help if I am unhappy with a therapy or education provision for my child?

We do not provide advocacy or advice services. You can see our legal directory for other local organisations who can help you with these matters. We are committed to sharing information with local SEND parent/carers and run seminars as well as share information.

We also hold copies of legal handbooks and, along with videos of legal seminars, we are building a resource of legal guidelines for parents to access via Kingston PCF.

Do you support campaigns for rights of SEND children and young people?

Our role is not to campaign but to provide a voice for local parent/carers. We may sometimes share information of local campaigns but we won’t directly get involved in this ourselves.

How do you work with the local authority and other agencies?

By engaging on forums and working with them to get our view across, we help The Local Authority to fulfil its statutory requirement to listen, engage and work together with parent carers for the benefit of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and their families. Our goal is to coproduce with the local authority and other services so we ensure the voice of our children informs decision-making.

Minutes of consortium meetings are here on the Local Offer page if you want more information about the current agenda.

How is your organisation funded?

Every local authority has a statutory duty to provide a PCF, we are funded by money set aside for this service.