What We Learned:Accessing the FUEL Holiday Activities

At the recent consortium, the team who are designing the FUEL Programme came to answer questions. FUEL Holiday Activities are designed to provide fun activities and a meal for those receiving benefit-related school meals during term time. They also have a small number of spaces available for young people who are not receiving benefit related free school meals, but who need the support a place like this would offer them. These spaces can be offered to young people who are;

  • accessing Pupil Premium
  • refugees
  • being supported by AfC Early Help or Social Care teams
  • have an EHCP (priority will be given where there is also an cost of living issue alongside the EHCP)
  • are a young carer
  • are the sibling of a child who is accessing benefit related free school meals

These spaces require a referral from a professional working with the young person.

They also explained, there are two activity clubs where they offer SEND specific sessions: Our Camps and Next Thing Education Camps. All other facilities can support children with SEND within a mainstream offering. This can include them receiving the funding for extra support staff. It is up to the parent to discuss the child’s needs but they have put in place “About me” documents that can make sure all staff are knowledgeable about your child or young person.

At consortium parent carers asked various questions about the nature of support they can receive and gave examples where they had been turned down before when trying to access a holiday club. The FUEL team recommended using their enquiry form so that they can use their knowledge to support you to find the right place.

It was shared at the session that if a child has a full time carer or nurse, they would be able to attend with that person. Again it is a good idea to discuss this with the team at FUEL first to make sure that your child is at the suitable place.

Where children were unable to access the holiday activities but were still eligible, the team have previously worked to find extra support from the Inclusion Service, for example the young person went out for a day with a support worker or they have also offered a remote offer online.

To read about the programme, you can go to the AFC Local Offer where you will also find the enquiry form.

If you are not eligible for benefit related free school meals but are still looking for a holiday activity, the Short Breaks team can also offer support for your child to access a holiday activity and you can read about this service on the Local Offer here.