Advice and Support

Our at-a-glance index of helpful links and resources

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Groups

Please find below a range of links, organisations and resources that are specifically to help SEND families from racially diverse groups, who may experience added difficulties in accessing help and support

Autism Speaks – language resources

Autism Speaks have developed a range of non english resources for families

Amazing things happen – VIDEO

Amazing things happen video, explaining autism in multiple languages
(Shared under Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-ND)

Reaching Out – REPORT

The Reaching out to families project set out to find new ways of addressing the inequalities that people with learning disabilities from Black and Minority Ethnic Communities (BME) and their families experience in health and social care. The report found that local community organisations have a significant role to play in identifying and contacting local families who are supporting a learning-disabled person. Read the full report here.

Autism Awareness and BAME communities – ARTICLE

Autism Awareness Call – Mother wants to educate BAME communities about the condition so they can access any help they need.

National Autistic Society BAME Resources

Information for BAME families from the National Autistic Society

Ambitious about Autism

There is a lack of research about the experience of autistic people from BAME groups… Our articles, guides and easy-read resources have been led by BAME experiences and autism expertise to support young autistic people understand the issues around inclusion and diversity. 

Hope & Compassion Autism Team

The Hope and Compassion Autism team have been working with the local community facilitating Autism talks to raise awareness in Gurdwaras and places of worship, the team are now looking at organising further talks, workshops and training.


A small voluntary support group run by parent/carers living and caring for a child or adult on the Autistic Spectrum, raising awareness and understanding from different perspectives, outreaching also to the Africa, Caribbean, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities (ACAME) and Dual Heritage Communities in tackling the taboos and myths around Autism.

Autism Mosque

Autism Mosque was started by Sara Mangera, mother of four children two of whom have autism. She wanted Mosques to do more to welcome and accommodate autistic people and generally increase the awareness and acceptance of autistic people within the Muslim community.

Include Me TOO

A national charity supporting disabled children, young people and their families from diverse range of backgrounds. Include Me TOO supports and promotes social justice, equality and rights for all disabled children and young people. We provide a range of support, befriending services, activities and holiday clubs for disabled children, outreach and information and advice to families.

Kingston WelCare

Kingston WelCare – A mission based charitable organisation for local families to meet, connect and support each other. It has developed expertise in supporting parents and uses this to help some of the most vulnerable families in the Borough

Natural Health Awareness Association

Natural Health Awareness Association is a local charity that provides services such as workshops, seminars, talks about natural health, healthy living, homeopathy and therapies, with a particular focus on raising awareness in ethnic minority communities

Kingston Centre for Independent Living

To meet the needs of disabled people in and around the Royal Borough of Kingston and beyond, particularly by representing and supporting the full equality and inclusion of disabled people, in order that they might lead independent and empowering lives

MILAAP – Multicultural Day Centre

We are a unique multicultural day centre (for senior citizens) that provides a culturally sensitive atmosphere and ethos. We are open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and provide a large variety of special activities that reflect our rich cultures and heritages for our member’s entertainment.

Kingston Muslim Association

The association from its centre in kingston seeks to serve as a hub in the south west area of London for the wider Muslim community

Kingston Chinese Association

Provides regular educational and social activities, promotes Chinese Arts and Culture and encourage social cohesion with all other local communities

Institute of Tamil Culture

ITC Tamil Centre was formed to advance the rich heritage of the Tamil culture for the public benefit through an education programme to all the communities living in the Royal Borough of Kingston

Refugee Action Kingston

Welcoming and enabling refugees in Kingston to become valued members of our community

Kingston Race and Equalities Council (KREC)

Undertakes case work specific to race and associated inequalities. Supports local stakeholders in developing and monitoring equality policies. Raising public awareness through educational and cultural events. Helps to develop and support local ethnic community organisations


A local service funded by Kingston Council to provide impartial, confidential information, advice and support to parents/carers of children and young people (0-25) with disabilities and special educational needs.